Posted by: bwoof | October 14, 2009

Mean girls

All week long I’ve been on a learning curve re how and why some teens just have to be so mean to each other. Seriously…it’s serious!

Aside from personal and anecdotal observations which lead me to surmise that self-esteem, belonging, and emotional issues are at the core of the problems, there is a wealth of info from various pundits that I’m starting to absorb.

Bullies in Disguise and relational aggression

Why Girls Bully

Youtube video about girls and cyberbullying

Bullied teen at school

Grateful for:

  • a sense of significance
  • a teacher who really understands students, even those who say and do bad things
  • Amanda and her care for teens
  • K and UBC and water, mountains, beaches, red boston ivy, and BC Transit
  • L and R and their jobs
  • J and his chance to play hockey in spite of everything
  • W and his chance to go to Africa, put on a new roof, learn about insulation, and build cool things

Curious about:

  • what to do and say when a lifelong friend gets a very bad medical diagnosis
  • our coach…and how we will work together


  1. I heard this program on CBC a few days ago.
    CBC Radio One. Image of a manuscript, Image of DaVinci’s Vitruvian Man (Man of … Odd Girl Speaks Out: Girls Write about Bullies, Cliques, Popularity, …

  2. Good Morning ALL!

    Animal Planet “Underdog to Wonderdog” is doing an episode on child Bulling. We are looking for families who deal with their child being bullied everyday in school. Please feel free to check our website at or email me at for more information. We are looking for families in the NY/NJ area.

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