Posted by: bwoof | October 12, 2009

Tides and beaches

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving, all the way from Vancouver BC.

familyatbeachToday I learned that tides in the Vancouver harbor don’t behave as I’d expected. Mistakenly, I presumed that tides came and went on approximately 12 hour cycle, but that’s not exactly how it works. Today we were there at high tide, at Jericho Beach to be exact. I checked the tide charts, from my iPhone of all things, and verified that what we could see was in fact what the scientists predicted. Bingo. High tide for sure.

tidechartBut, then I examined the tide charts and began to see that there would be a lower tide, followed by a high tide, but not as high as the picture above. Later, a lower tide would come, all in an undulating pattern on the tide graph.

I also learned that the Vancouver harbour is not as salty as I’d expected. You see, the mighty Fraser River empties into this area so the brine of the water here is mostly fresh, not salty.

Grateful for:

  • UBC and the beautiful landscaping, fall colours, sea, sky, and mountains
  • That lovely Asian restaurant on 4th Ave
  • The Sky Train…new, efficient, cheap, fast, impressive

Curious about:

  • how much money did the man with the shopping cart make after he scavenged all the bottles and cans from the alleyway? Where did he take everything? Is he happy?
  • will Vancouver’s Olympics be a bang or a bust?
  • how do those huge ocean liners get so full with all of the containers that I saw? where do they come from? Where are they going? How much of the stuff do I consume come via those ships?


  1. Beautiful picture of the 5 of you! So glad you had that time together!

  2. I’m still tring to learn how to enter text into the plog via the iPhone…but clearly there’s more learning to do. All I’m able to do at the moment is write a comment to my own as yet unwritten entry which has only a title at this point.

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