Posted by: bwoof | October 6, 2009

The Creative Spirit…

Today via my personal learning network I discovered that Tuesday nights at Cineplex feature free drinks and popcorn with the purchase of a ticket. I didn’t know that, nor did I know that this is the second week of this new program at the Ancaster Cineplex.

So, out of curiosity we decided to check it out. It had been a long (and wonderful) day of learning for me at our cabinet retreat in a really awesome location, but by the evening it was clearly time for no thinking, no pressure, no big ideas. Just entertainment.

cloudyWe selected a movie I’d never heard of! Ever! But again, learning via the network means that you perk up and listen when people you trust give you tips. So that’s how we ended up at Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs. Thanks Bruce and Vickie.

creative classIt’s a totally kid-friendly animated movie with a totally implausible plot. But it’s fun, beautifully executed, and a very clever compilation of extraordinary talents from a vast collection of artists, producers, engineers, technical wizards, and computer nerds that you can ever imagine. Further, add music, acting, and story, and you’ve got something that echoes Richard Florida’s themes in Rise of the Creative Class.

Some of us at the school board are involved in a big project about secondary education of the future and 21st c learning. And over and over we are bumping into the idea that creativity is, in fact, a new engine for the economy. I don’t have Canadian stats, but Florida claims that over 1/3 of working Americans now create for a living.

If this is true, and if the trend continues, how then does that affect education? How does that impact my role as an educator?

Grateful for:

  • creative people who also know how to work in teams….the credits for the movie we saw tonight are in and of themselves worth the price of admission
  • positive input from a keen group of educators from my school
  • the 18 supply teachers who came to my school today!
  • the wonderful office staff who kept the school running, even though I made a few mistakes on the duty board
  • the cab that took two students downtown so that they could be part of the Anti-Bullying Youth Advisory Board

Curious about:

  • how do directors of feature films manage all the many aspects of telling a story? How do they get all those teams of people to work together and produce a singular product? Amazing!
  • will my two students make a difference on the Anti-Bullying Youth Advisory Board? And, more importantly, will it make a difference for them?


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