Posted by: bwoof | October 5, 2009

NGage and Turning Point

Again and again and again…we try to find learning spaces that meet student needs.  I would have very little success in this area if it weren’t for a personal and professional learning network of people who won’t admit defeat.

Today I pulled out the last card that I can possibly think of…except ‘dropping out’ or being an ‘early leaver’.  Those are options I’m not prepared to accept.

A student and I visited one of our System Alter Ed  and Community Ed sites. It’s located in a big old factory that’s been refurbished and restored for multi-purposes, and it’s located across the street from Olive Branch where I’ve volunteered on occasion. Education is the key business on the third floor and you need to go and see what’s happening. At this place you can find:

Adult learning centre

NGage (a place for <16 yr olds to earn credits and also work in a print shop gaining marketplace ready skills)

Turning Point – a program for >18 yr olds with quite a bit of credit count who need to do paid co-op and a few compulsory courses. UTurn – another variation of Turning Point

Gateway – a location for expelled or long-term suspended students where they specialize in earning credits AND restorative justice

So, it was worth the 3 hours of personal investment in one learner. She signed herself up and she starts on Wednesday. I’m encouraged…and exhausted. But I learned a lot, and I’m hoping that she will too.

Grateful for:

  • cool teachers like Tim, Meredith, and Jackie, all of whom understand kids and show acceptance, creativity, and hope
  • our wonderful office staff who go over the edge to help
  • our new projector. Yea! I will inaugurate it tomorrow at our cabinet retreat at the Ancaster Old Mill

Curious about:

  • Rich assessment tasks
  • how to get the laptops working
  • wil my student do well at Turning Point?

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