Posted by: bwoof | October 4, 2009


It all started a while back…I started hearing about Scratch.

And then this week while walking the halls, I stopped in at Rm 232 and spoke with three girls, all of whom were doing Scratch.

And then today my nephew in Gr 9 said he was doing Scratch in his Integrated Tech class.

So, you can guess what I had to learn…right now.

Scratch is a programming thingy. I want to say it’s a ‘language’ but of that I’m not sure.  It’s supposed to teach young people how to develop 21st century literacy skills. When in doubt, ask a teenager. I guess that will be tomorrow’s task.scratchscratch description

And…literally…no kidding…just as I typed that last sentence my email dinged and I checked. Lo and behold, the teacher in charge of the three girls noted above sent in his lesson plans for tomorrow.  Guess what’s on the dock? You bet!  It’s Scratch! So, maybe I’ll just take those notes and teach myself.

However, for now, here’s an example:

Trigonometric flowers (and poetry) – Cos, Sin, and Tan make for pretty art all by a 10-year-old

Grateful for:

  • family dinner today…Happy Early Thanksgiving
  • the pumpkin I’m taking to school tomorrow to replace my dying mums. Alas, the joys of working in a windowless office with no natural light include struggling to get things to grow. I figure the pumpkin won’t get cranky and will stay ‘blooming orange’ if I keep treating it like a potted plant
  • Jonny’s two good games on the weekend.

Curious about:

  • Scratch….how could I not be interested?
  • cabinet retreat and how ppl will respond
  • Daniel and his friends and their choice to resist compromise

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