Posted by: bwoof | October 3, 2009

Floor plans and many googles

lazyboyThis week I learned that there are many choices when it comes to family room furniture, or, as it turned out after hours of talking and dickering, that it’s really living room furniture we need.

I also learned that it’s La-Z-Boy, not Lazy Boy. Indeed, that little tidbit has virtually little value unless I want to win in Trivial Pursuit.

But I did discover that there are many free floor planning software options out on the web. I tried two but am not yet competent enough to draw much more than a straight line.

Google SketchUp is the one that I eventually settled on. You see, Google is sort of the one-stop-tool-kit for almost everything I do online:

The world is going web-based for sure. Goodbye proprietary software. Goodbye big boys.

Grateful for:

  • finding five more supply teachers tonight after a marathon phone calling session
  • Breakfast with Melinda and a glimpse of the Discovery Centre which I have yet to visit

Curious about:

  • how to plan a room and arrange furniture so that it is aesthetically pleasing from a balance and perspective point of view
  • how long will take for my mom to get her hip replacement? Let’s start counting now. She got the news last week, but the actual event could be…well, hopefully within six months.

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