Posted by: bwoof | October 1, 2009

It’s a small (networked) world after all!

I’ve known about PLNs (personal learning networks) because I learned from people like David Warlick and Will Richardson, two people, now very well-known speakers in the 21st Century learning zone. I met them at various conferences in San Diego, Spokane, San Antonio, London ON, Washington DC and,of course, online.

They are two of my mavens, people who have motivated and equipped me to keep this plog. I follow their blogs (David’s and Will’s) every day in my GoogleReader and learn something new all the time. Best PD ever!

So, I have to admit that I’m surprised I was surprised to see that David warlicksiteWarlick has linked to my site! Yes indeed, just last night my plog appeared on his page as a recent blog (note, he’s still calling it a blog, but that’s OK) about PLNs. Scroll down quite a bit and take a peek on the right side.

Wow!!! This is truly a network. I learned from him, he learned from me (or maybe his auto-searcher found me, but I’ll imagine otherwise), and now others will learn from him and me, and then maybe those people will get back to both of us, and then maybe I’ll learn from some other new people, and well, the network grow. Amazing! Inspiring!

Grateful for:

  • excellent colleagues!
  • a great AER session at the Lunch and Learn today
  • Geriatricians, especially Doc Patterson
  • cafeteria staff who understand teens, poverty, and football players,  and know how to be discreet and respectful

Curious about:

  • is it possible to help all staff understand, appreciate, and employ restorative justice practices?
  • did we win the football game tonight? Go Bears!


  1. Beth – you are a marvelous maven!
    Grateful For:
    – boy am I glad I checked out your plog – too cool

    Curious About:
    – how is it that the more one learns, the more one recognizes there is so much more to take in ?

    Thanks so much for sharing and for your trust in doing so.
    Take care. – Gail

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