Posted by: bwoof | September 28, 2009

Be careful what you say…

Today I learned that I must always be careful with my words. What I thought was a gentle tease in one situation,  and a gentle prompt to do something differently in another situation has not turned out to be so gentle. 

Sometimes there’s a wrong way to do the right thing.

Grateful for:

  • people who are courageous and honest enough to confront
  • OHIP and smart docs
  • active learning and seeing kids in the hall today who were learning about population distribution…it looked wild with all the cotton balls and Q-tips all over the hall, but it was fun and engaging…and informative!
  • hockey moms!
  • Markbook cool tricks which make assessment tracking more possible

Curious about:

  • secondary education of the future and my part of the report which remains unfinished…and the deadline looms!
  • how to make a great math team with plans for release time and coaching

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