Posted by: bwoof | September 26, 2009

Learning styles debunked?

One of my fav blogs is the Committed Sardine which features whom I heard at Ian JukesNECC last year.

Jukes is…

“a registered educational evangelist, his self-avowed mission in life is to ensure that children are properly prepared for the future rather than society’s past.”

Today’s blog introduced me to the counter-cultural idea that maybe learning styles aren’t all that different. If true, this would sort of debunk the DI buzz that’s going around these days. Hmm…that’s radical.

nomorecookiecutterschoolsJukes’ co-written book No More Cookie Cutter Schools is a must-read. I have a copy and will share it with anyone willing to dialogue and tangle over the contents.

Today I also learned afresh that sometimes a personal crisis can turn into a public success. An early morning breakfast meeting was a good reminder of this lesson.

Years ago my friend Deb experienced a nasty family break-up and found herself homeless with three little kids. She never forgot the desperation of driving around at night looking for a place, not just any place, but a place for hope and healing.

Well, that pain turned into a vision that turned into reality–it’s called Drummond House. Amazing.

Grateful for:

  • spa day
  • a dear friend who challenges me and provokes deep thinking
  • Deb and her willingness to build a home for women and children
  • Bev and the beautiful decorating she did at Drummond House, a century-old Victorian country estate in the middle of an orchard north of Waterdown

Curious about:

  • why do drunk drivers do what they do? And why are two more teens lost?
  • will the MADD assembly from Thursday make a difference in our student population? I hope so.

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