Posted by: bwoof | September 25, 2009

I can still run!

Last year I took a running class. I liked it but afterward thought I might be better at a more well-rounded class. So I stopped.

And since I’m basically a slob when I don’t have a bit of structure I’ve let my personal exercise program lapse. I know, Iknow!  No lecture needed. I’m able to give myself all sorts of lectures without any help.

Today, however I learned that I had, indeed, learned something in the class. During the Terry Fox run today at school I was able to run for about 15 minutes with no stopping. And could have gone further. So, that’s sort of encouraging isn’t it?

May I make a Glendale ‘bear brag’ and say that I was faster than a lot of the kids who sort of slouched around the course? My ‘bear drag’ is that I’m not too fast and those who were actually running lapped me several times. But, I don’t even care. I’m just happy as a pig in mud that I learned something a year ago and it stuck. 🙂

Grateful for:

  • Terry Fox’s inspiring life and legacy
  • Reese’s pieces at the end of a long day
  • my personal health which allowed me to run in the first placeemptypod
  • our phys ed staff and other teachers who modelled fitness by running the course
  • our project PODs are now empty!  🙂

Curious about:

  • when is the end of the school day anyway?
  • why does girl drama have to drag on so long and be so complicated and get so many people all in a big angry flap?
  • will I get the interim report exemplars written in time?
  • Will I just love the new Ancaster Fair?

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