Posted by: bwoof | September 24, 2009


OK so I did a silly thing, but it sure was funny, and I learned a lot, too.

Several weeks ago a neighbour invited me to a party at her home, you know, one of those skin care things not unlike Tupperware or Pampered Chef. I quickly assessed the invite and decided I couldn’t go, nor was I that interested in the product line.

Tonight, however, after running some errands, I returned home and noticed a big party happening at Anita’s. I said to self, “Hey, why not go to the party anyway. You’ve got time.”  So, off I went after changing from track pants and t-shirt to t-shirt and slacks.

I entered the home without knocking for clearly it was a party and I could see lots of people, lots of women to be exact, mostly in an age bracket in excess of mine.  Politely stated = older.

I saw NO neighbours.

I also saw most of the women with stylish professional name tags made out of a gold-ish coloured metal. Fancy dancy! Hmm….I say to myself, “There’s a lot of sales reps here. This must be one hum-dinger skin care product line.”

I found Anita and greeted her warmly. She reciprocated but with a hesitation that made me feel a little uncomfy. I explained my lateness to the party and then asked where the products are. I thought I’d be polite, naturally, for after all, don’t people host these sorts of parties to get their friend’s home-sales-party-businesses (ponzis???) off the ground ?

Anita then said,

“Oh, that was Saturday’s party.”

Uh oh!  Yes indeed, I had inadvertently crashed a party of the International Zonta club, and I do mean international. They are having a big conference this weekend in the Hammer and important women from around the world, Norway for example, were there.

I forgot to mention I was severely under-dressed for this high-fashion crowd. Trust me..these women are powerful, intelligent, motivated, and culturally aware. My t-shirt, devoid of jewels and haute couture was a little less than their standard attire.

So, I pulled myself together and decided it best to laugh and make silly remarks about how silly I am and how silly I must look and how silly silly silly it is to be a party-crasher.

But several woman came up to me and warmly greeted me…and then tried to recruit me to join their group which advocates for women around the world. And then I met a woman who was a colleague of mine before she retired! And she knows my current colleague very well. So, there was lots of talking and catching up and thankfully the candlelight was low and no one could see my red face or my off-the-rack t-shirt with nary a designer tag in sight.

Thankfully I had an ice-breaker in my back pocket. You see, a year or so ago I nominated Rachel to be a Young Women of the Year Zonta scholarship recipient. She won $500 I think, and I , as her nominator, had to accompany her to the presentation ceremony. These women take their scholarships seriously and actually remembered Rachel. Wow!

So, the moral of the story is, read your invitations carefully, knock before entering, and check out Zonta because these brilliant woman are making a difference in the world.

Grateful for:

  • being able to laugh at myself
  • a chat with A__ today outside by the flag pole, a conversation of hope, I hope
  • Dave the tech coming to school for even a short while
  • woman who model curiosity, engagement, intellect, and creativity
  • a few games in my back pocket that I used during a class today when all the computers went dead and there were still 55 minutes left in class

Curious about:

  • why does war happen and why does it affect some teens I know so profoundly
  • whether or not Cheerio boy got the cash he needed today…he still needs more food
  • how to engage math learners so that they just love learning so much that they can’t stand to miss a class

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