Posted by: bwoof | September 23, 2009

Data Data Data

Today I watched as Jamie, skilled in data collection and interpretation, pulled together all kinds of info and then used it to point out areas of opportunity for our school.

I’ve long known that data is important when making decisions, but I didn’t know how it could look in a readable chart form. Now that I’ve seen it done I’m sure I can replicate the process and do it by myself next time. That said, I would need the many many hours it takes to wrestle with the numbers. What I saw today didn’t happen overnight…it’s been a marathon for Jamie.

Grateful for:

  • the opportunity to learn from colleagues
  • e-files that can fly back and forth through the night, all in time for the big ministry meeting today
  • a wonderfully supportive family
  • book club last night and the gracious reception for my mother-in-law who has never been to a book club, nor had she read the book, nor did she really know what was going on
  • McMaster medical clinics who are full of smart and competent people

Curious about:

  • our Ministry meeting today and who will be our coach and what will s/he be like
  • what the Secondary Schools of the Future report will look like when it’s all done
  • what happened to that big box of Cheerios I gave to a teen yesterday who was so hungry he couldn’t think straight…and more importantly, what happened to him?
  • why do some parents have to be so mean and uncaring and why do teens have to suffer so much? And, while I’m on a roll, why do we jump to conclusions so often and interpret their ‘bad attitudes’ as defiance and insubordination, when really they are just screaming out for help?
  • where does one go when there’s no place to go, especially if you’re 15?

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