Posted by: bwoof | September 22, 2009

I love my GoogleReader

There’s a reason I call this place a plog, that’s right plog. It’s a personal learning network and a celebration of all the best that I learn from my networked mavens all over the world.

So, almost every day I check out my GoogleReader account which is aggregating all the best blogs and sites that I follow. Truly, I’ve learned far more  from these than I have in any other PD or course, save for, perhaps, the one course I took at Stratford years ago. Now that one was something else!

Today, for example, I got a tip from one of my fav blogs about the latest “did you know” series. Although it’s American, and although I can’t personally verify all the stats, let it suffice to say that mobile access to info is a huge trend. I think we need to pay attention, says this new iPhone user. Take a peek.

mobile devices

Grateful for:

  • stimulating conversations with a couple of teachers who like ideas
  • my book club tonight and the wonderful Anne Fadiman and her amazing collection of familiar essays in Ex Libris and At Large and at Small. Wonderful!

Curious about:

  • Chris Hedges’ take on pornography…his new book, the one I referenced in an earlier plog apparently has quite a damning chapter. Haven’t read it yet, but he’s a doomsayer I hear…and I already agree with him. But yes, I’ll get the book.
  • how our secondary schools of the future writing group will do on the big project
  • how the Ministry sessions will go tomorrow


  1. Beth, I love the idea of the Plog. My PLN includes Google Reader, Twitter, and now includes your Plog. Keep up the great work. Some serious thinking going on here!

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