Posted by: bwoof | September 21, 2009


Today I learned the difference between ESL, ELL, and ELD. These are all terms we use at school when referring to people who are learning English. I hope I get this right, and if not, Marjorie will correct me I hope.

ESL ~ English as a Second Language program (and there are at least five levels)

ELL ~ English Language Learner

ELD ~ English Language Development (I think!) and it refers to people who have limited literacy in their home language and who are also trying to learn English

Grateful for:

  • doctors and medical tests
  • RJ training
  • West Jet
  • new garage door
  • new windows ordered

Curious about:

  • swine flu and how it spreads
  • where do runaways go?
  • how does mother’s allowance work?
  • how can one be an instructional leader AND at the same time manage all the crazy wonky wild things that happen in a secondary school office?

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