Posted by: bwoof | September 20, 2009

Elopement and celebration

Today I learned that not all couples choose to live together to test things out before the big ‘C’ committment word kicks in.

You see, we went to a party, a year after the elopement for C__ and D___. Well, actually, they just fell in love and knew that there was no sense waiting. So, they found a place where neither of them had been, Sauble Beach to be exact, and in less than two days they found a legal person to officiate, and a couple of random witnesses who also kindly held their snap-and-shoot camera and took the photos while also doubling as signatories.

The photos are stunning….two young kids in love, barefoot on the beach, with the waves on blue water and the wind blowing through their hair.

These two, bless their hearts, then kept their nuptials a total secret! Total!  For over five months! He kept studying in Ottawa and she in Toronto. Weekend visits made under the guise of bf/gf were really husband and wife.

Surprisingly they took flack. Why? Because they did what they felt was right. What? No wedding? No bridesmaids? No showers? No stag and doe? No big expensive bash? No church? Nope…nada nada.  People talked…muttered…nattered. “How could they do that?”

But I say, good for them. Why don’t we support people who just love and don’t choose to follow the sometimes artificial traditions that we think must mark significant events? Why can’t we celebrate commitment?

So, today was a party to celebrate what happened over a year ago. The ‘kids’ were wonderful. And for those those who like ceremony and pomp, well, just wait until a year from now when they have the renewing of their vows…in a traditional wedding style gathering at an outdoor chapel with a real minister whose only role will be to bring a blessing across their traditions–Catholic and Protestant.  There will be a bride, and a white dress, and flowers, and a reception, and music, and well…everything, including Love.



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