Posted by: bwoof | September 19, 2009


I reconnected today with an amazing young woman, an orphan from Guatamalea named Amie, who has almost singlehandedly begun a microenterprise, social justice, and fair trade organization that you must check out. It’s called Nationwares and it jumpstarts businesses for person with disabilities and/or their families so that they can earn a living, mostly in countries that have total disregard for people with exceptionalities.

Amie is the person who helped me with my bday part almost a year ago. That was when I invited 30 of the most influential woman in my life to attend a celebration in honour of them. And Amie came along to help me gift to each of them a beautiful scarf hand-woven by women in Ethiopia. Long and wonderful story, but the weaving of their lives and their life’s work has now merged into the lives of many on this side of the planet.

I learned today that Amie’s work is multiplying…immensely.

Grateful for:

  • Amie’s parents who adopted her over 20 years ago and who continue to be incredibly inspirational
  • CH Global
  • Valens campground and the 32 teens who are there right now finishing up their camping trip. I spent two evenings out there….lots of fun
  • Jupiter…shining brightly in new-moon-darkness with his moons, last night three of them, dancing around in different formations every night

Curious about:

  • how can we cook pasta (on the BBQ for almost 40 peeps) better than last night’s big pot mushy but tasteful mess?

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