Posted by: bwoof | September 18, 2009

Some things you don’t want to learn…

Things not fun to learn (but I did it anyway)…

  • how to take a broken collar bone person to urgent care
  • how to search for a possible harmful object at school
  • how to fill out long forms in order to recommend a person for a special program
  • how to get rid of graffiti
  • how to stop a 14 year old from running away from home
  • how to stop skateboarding on the street during class time
  • how to find Valens campground in the dark
  • how to smile when you really feel like growling

Grateful for:

  • IB visit went well
  • smart police officers who know their stufforion
  • awesome office colleagues
  • truthful student
  • night sky…Orion is now quite visible and blazing in all his glory

Curious about:

  • teen psychology and why reason and logic seem to have limited effect
  • IB training
  • is there a way to get more students to come to class on time?

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