Posted by: bwoof | September 15, 2009


Today I saw hunger in a couple of ways…in the eyes of young parents, in the body language of a homeless youth. There is nothing intellectual to say about this for no amount of head learning will suffice.

Some things are best learned from the heart. And today my heart aches.

Grateful for:

  • my personal legacy which is insanely blessed with stability, love, and kindness
  • WestJet and the Vancouver to Toronto run!
  • sunshine and breezes

Curious about:

  • Karan language
  • Swahili and how to speak with new students coming next week
  • Czech language


  1. Hey mom,
    you should talk to Ryan about the Karan language….the Karan students were the majority of the ones he taught ESL to last year, and has at least one Karan student that I know of in his new class..

    love and miss you,

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