Posted by: bwoof | September 14, 2009

iPhone learning curve success!

Yea! I’m so glad Sean knows what he’s doing. After a scary loss of ALL contacts and calendar events, I have now recovered them.

I’ve now learned about iPhone firmware and how it, when upgraded, does nasty things. So, today there’s nothing profound I learned, just that perseverance and stubbornness pay off, especially when you’ve got a great tech on the other end of the phone line who is equally as strident in not letting pesky tech things spoil the day.

Grateful for:

  • Sean and good instructions

Curious about:

  • apps
  • music on the iPhone along with videos and podcasts
  • corall reefs, ocean health etc as per the replay of Quirks and Quorks my fav radio show which I heard tonight en route to the airport

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