Posted by: bwoof | September 12, 2009

Trillium Trivia

Another RBG walk and I learned the smallest of new things. Did you know that ants are required to transfer and spread trillium seeds? I’ve been watching trilliums for my whole life and setting my calendar by their blooming, and I didn’t ever think how they spread. Nor did I consider the Carolinian forest that they and I grew up in. Humbling and intriguing…that’s what learning is all about.

I also learned that one of the art pieces I viewed yesterday was created by someone I know, someone I used to work with.

Grace is a teacher and she has on occasion mentioned her large scalebenj at graces work projects (a small but all important detail that I’d never absorbed) but today was different. Benj and I actually walked into and experienced her maze of art. If you have a chance…go see it, take some time, and let the creative muse spill over a bit. Enjoy the colours and be careful to consider how one part of the maze prepares the way for a completely different part of the maze. It’s beautiful on its own accord, but I’m surprised how much more I’m interested because I know the artist. Powerful stuff.

Maybe someday people will come to look at my art. Alas, there’s not much of a market for badly executed stick figures.

Grateful for:

  • beauty day
  • people who look after the RBG and public funding
  • seeing the little Corgi dog who played with Benj

Curious about:

  • reative arthritis and how it can attack a 19-year-old
  • how the RBG survives financially and yet manages to create such beautiful spaces

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