Posted by: bwoof | September 11, 2009

RBG surprises…

Today I have too many things to write about. As I drove home from school I mused that although much happened in the day, there was nothing that just jumped out as a new learning, just more affirmations of things I already know.

But, good thing there are more hours in the day!

The dog was nagging me for a walk but I was hankering a bit for new scenery so I followed the muse and decided to find the ‘art’ that Aaron noted in a plog comment. As you may recall, I started the thread when I accidentally found the Regent College wind tower…and that led to Sarah Hall…and that led to photovoltaic glass, and that led to Aaron telling me about the RBG nature art…and well, you see, the network of learning has a spontaneous mind of its own.

So, Benj and I headed off to the RBG with only an hour or so of daylight left. Surprise surprise! I found the art and was absolutely stunned at how powerful and beautiful it is. And, the RBG is gorgeous beyond what I’d remembered. Time for a year-long pass!

Here are some highlights:

musical instrument at rbgThis is a musical instrument and scuplture at the same time. It’s a Korean design called a gayuageum and it also features a verse from the psalms carved out in at least three languages.

trunk and cube at rbgAnother piece is located just inside a forested area. News to me was the idea of a ‘deer gate’, a fenced structure that winds back and forth and then has a narrow gate all designed to keep the deer in the forest and not in the RBG. Once inside the deer territory I walked about 30 metres and then saw a most amazing but natural art piece.

I was especially intrigued by the sign which explained that this once living but huge tree had a ‘volume’ which someone calculated. When the tree had to come down, they figured out how big a cube it would fill, and then they actually used the wood to create the sculpture. Our numeracy folks would be pleased. Apparently volume matters after all.

Here’s the sign…and I hope you can read it. Truly a new learning for me:sign tree and volume carved into block at rbg

RBG…I’ll be back!

Grateful for:

  • a personal learning network that surprises me daily with serendipitous nodes, connections, and links
  • creative people and beautiful expressions
  • good planning mtg today with J and J
  • public spaces like the RBG which astonish
  • iPhone camera and learning how to email pictures

Curious about:

  • latin names of plants and trees…I realize I know precious little
  • how some people know how to have vision and then make road maps to get there

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