Posted by: bwoof | September 7, 2009

Ready, Set, Start

Tomorrow is the first day of the new year and I’m simultaneously excited and overwhelmed. We have such great plans for the school this year but there is so much to do and I feel so small beside that mountain of known and unknown tasks.

As I’ve promised myself and others, I want to archive my learning for one full year. Hopefully this is a way to quantify and qualify the fact that I’m curious about life and am honoured to be an educator who, by definition, is someone keen to see others learn.

So…here goes. I’ve already learned how to use blogspot, and then decided against using  it for this plog since it doesn’t have all the features I want  (but it’s a great place for newbie bloggers!). And then I’ve started learning how to use wordpress and hope to become accomplished and deft before too long.

 Grateful for:

  • Amanda, Doug, and Jordan who all in their own ways encouraged me to try WordPress
  • a neighbourhood walk around my school early this morning
  • Google Earth which allows me to see my daughter’s new apartment in Vancouver even though I can’t be there to help her move in

Curious about:

  • how do people discipline themselves to blog everyday?
  • are there other plogs out there?
  • why do we ask teachers to submit resumes when really they could create webspaces and be more communicative?  Here’s an example of what I mean…

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